A lot of questions, no answers

The world is full of mystery

And we always try to discover

Its wonders and beauty

But there aren’t every time answers.

R: We search the truth,

Go deep in the problems

A lot of questions, no answers

Because we don’t need them.

Don’t you know that?

When we know too much

The life loses the sense

And nothing matters.

Nobody can have all the knowledge

Because the love, the life are something

That we can’t touch

So, they always will be unknown.

There are so many questions

About useless things

And sometimes we find the answers

But often they remain silence.

Our behavior is incomprehensible

We act like our heart or mind

Tells us to do

But if we don’t understand.

We mustn’t ask a lot

Because the answer is the instinct

That makes us behave crazy

There are a lot of questions, but no answers.


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