After you’ve left

Since you have left

My heart has struggled to beat

I’ve tried to go on with my life

Like you have never existed.

But the pain caused by your leaving

Is my only thing

That reminds me you were real

Because you cannot erase my memories.

My life was as a sunset

But the sun never came back

I was between life and death,

Trying to survive.

Still I’m glad because I know

That you are somewhere

Maybe you think at me

Caring about me even you are far away.

Once you said you love me

And to look after myself

Until now I’ve kept my promise

Or here there’s nothing left.

So I fight not to forget you

Because you’re the best part of me

The other half that is missing

It’s somewhere with you.

R: I remember when you saved me

From drowning in an ocean of misery

I wonder why you did it,

So that you can destroy me yourself?

I hope maybe you ask yourself

What happened to me

And what was the end of the story?

  1. Deci is mortale versurile:X imi plac:)
    Chiar esti talentata…parerea mea:)

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