Always the same

I’ve been trying to help
To be someone you can lean on,
To earn your trust and love,
To be a great friend.

I have helped everyone
Who was in need
I’ve advised my friends
To learn to go on.

But now we aren’t so close anymore
And I come at you with hope,
I want to feel the heat
Of our friendship.

And it is always the same, you are turning your back
Leaving me behind
With nothing.

I’m only good at giving
I never receive something back
Maybe I’m too fool
To be suck a helper.

Now, I want you to help me
To stand beside me
But I realize that I was used,
Only a tool.

Why it is always the same?
You help somebody
And then you figure out
That you are alone.

After I’ve been kind to you,
You are busy living your life,
Going far away from me
And coming back only in need.

Every time I lose in the same way
Always the history repeats
I am too naive
And I believe in your friendship.

I am tired to scream for help
We were close but now we are apart
And you are not giving me a hand
When I ask for help.
I see how the story ends again the same.


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