Don’t go

Well, it’s good to know we’re done

But, still I don’t want to lose you forever

Because I need you as a friend

And I feel better by your side.

I like when we are talking

As two pals

Because it feels so much better

And I like splendid time with you like this.

I have to get away from you

But I need to know how you are doing

It hurt to be separated

Only it’s for the best.

But this doesn’t mean

That we can keep in touch

Be two good friends

Having fun together.

I don’t want you to leave

From my life

I can’t live

Only with our memories together.

Don’t go away,

Don’t leave me alone,

I need you close to me

To share my problems with you.

I need your advices

I wish to have I normal,

Happy life as friends

Only laughing and hanging around.

Sometimes we make mistakes

But everything must go on

And we must try to repair them

So the consequences won’t be drastic.

Everybody needs a friend

And often we hurt each other

So, now we have to think about the future

And never look back.


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