There are different kinds of eyes,

Some that lie, others that are sincere

As a mirror and calm like the blue ocean

In different colors, black, blue, brown and green.

The black ones are sincere and deep

As a giant gulf,

You can into them

‘Cause they are very mild.

The blue eyes are like a calm ocean,

Very beautiful and clear,

So that sometimes you cannot

Watch them.

Brown eyes express warm feelings,

Peace, friendship or kindness

And are a truly relief

For the pain.

In the green eyes

You might find a mystery,

Very good hidden

But still there.

They can be the way

Of showing ourselves

We can control them

Lay, truth, mystery or nothing.

R: Beware of them,

Because often they cheat

Expressing other feelings

Not to let someone to know

How is really that person?

Search for clues

So you’ll find the real human.


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