Sometimes you feel like trapped

In your own space

Because you can’t breathe slow

And everything is coming over.

But then you break all the chains,

You let go and set you free

To fly like a bird in the sky

You escape from your own prison.

R: Freedom, yeah, I can dance,

Sing and have fun

Because I’m free to go,

Free to be whatever I want.

All the troubles and sadness

Is left behind

Only freedom is what you see

The energy is running through your veins.

You breathe the fresh air

Look at the wonderful world

Live the precious minutes

Those pass and never return.

This a real dream

No walls to surround,

No problems, no black clouds

Just a big, blue sky.

Only a free soul

Can fly up to the sun

And pick a sun shine

To give it to someone special.

Oh, yeah, freedom is all we need.


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