Love is like a rose

Red, perfumed,
With thorns,
That hurt,
And very beautiful.
This is the description of the rose
But isn’t it like the love?
The smell makes you crazy
It’s the most wonderful feeling
But sometimes it hurts
Like some thorns have punched
Through the chest and heart
Leaving you without soul.

R: love is like a rose
A flower of passion,
Beauty, madness
And also sacrifice.

The true love never dies,
The roses every year
Grow more beautiful
A rose is noble, pure
Magical, with breathless splendor
As this unknown feeling
Called love.

Because it is so mysterious,
Intense and wonderful
Always surprising you
Preparing the best things
And giving you happiness.

Remember to value
The roses and the love
Because they are similar
With breathless beauty
And sharp thorns.

  1. Atat de superb….te vreau poetaa!!! 🙂

  2. Foarte fain. O subtila comparatie, dar foarte relevatoare.

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