It is late in the night
But she isn’t sleeping,
She is staying at the window,
Watching the deep blue ocean of the night
And waiting for a hope to rise.
She wants to be invisible
So that she can ask herself
When her waiting will finish, When she’ll be happy.

She is missing a lot her old life
With friends and no worries.
She wants to be again
A free child,
To have a lot of fun and joy.
She doesn’t want to grow
The changing is too fast
And she’s feeling so lost.

But the life has a law
That everybody respects,
The time passes so quickly
So enjoy your life
As much as you can.

  1. Miscator…
    Putin totusi trist
    Nu trebuie trait in trecut…

    🙂 Viata e faina tot timpul … de noi depinde

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