In every second of my life
I keep inside a million questions
An inner monologue
With my feelings and hopes.

Who we really are?
How it’s gonna be?
Where I’m gonna go?
When will all this end?

Maybe I’m too curious
To have all the answers
But when I can’t do something else,
I’m asking myself.

Why do we cry?
What is really the love?
When are we gonna stop hurting us?
Who is the perfect friend?

Where is this life gonna take us?
Do we always have to act irresponsibly?
Can’t we just be different?
Why can’t we see that we can change the world?

Such a hopeless desire,
I want to change the entire world
But who am I?
Only a weak person.

It’s a desperate need
Of a truly mind
With a real conscience
And a strong heart.

A chapter is ending
And we don’t even notice,
Too busy with our lifetime worries
So we can’t see the reality.

We say goodbye to important things
Without being disturbed,
The essence is being forgotten
And we live in details.

What have we done
To this prosper world
We’ve turned it
In a miserable choice.


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