Smile, it can be worse =)

I didn’t know that a smile

Has such a great power

To make the world and life look better.

Now I see that it can do a lot.

R: When you’re feeling empty

Or you’re like a soulless thing,

Something without life,

Just remember to smile, ‘cause it can be worse!

Oh, no, no, I didn’t believe in miracles,

But now, I’m living one,

In a perfect life

With the right persons to love.

Don’t forget, a nice smile can break the spell

Of a cruel course that involve darkness, unhappiness and death

Just do the best to be like this for your friends

Who care and are worried for you.

Peace, wonder and love

Can be the results of a simple smile,

So what are waiting for?

Just do the symbol of the friendship!

Yeah, yeah, you’ll feel better,

With your friends near

To share the joy,

With you, their friend.

Smile, it can be worse!

Don’t be afraid to show to the world

You’re OK

Don’t become someone you’ll regret!


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