The Last Kiss

A quiet whisper,
A goodbye with excuses
And a last kiss
Always graved on my lips.

And then, only loneliness
Tears wasted in vain.
I still feel the heat
Of your lips on mine.

I still want another minute
To hold you in my arms
And tell you everything I feel,
Tell you that I love you forever.

But now I see your absence,
Everything reminds me about you
And I don’t know if I can handle it anymore,
I need you near.

I hope wherever you are,
Sometimes you think at me,
You remember all we had together
And a last kiss ends everything.

  1. aceasta este dedicata prietenei mele cele mai bune, andreea, sper sa se regaseasca si sa-i placa.

  2. iti multumes mult ……. da m-am regasit ( ba chiar mai mult mi-a fost ca un raspuns intr-o problema ) iti multumesc mult … pt tot ceea ce faci pt mine …… pupici andreeea

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