The end of the day

But the start of a new night

Even if everything seems gray

It’s really bright.

R: The sun hides himself shy

After the earth that looks so dry

Giving the shine to the moonlight

And that’s a fair twilight.

The sparkles of the sea

Or the shadows of the mountains

Are as a siren call

To another world.

The transition of two periods

Is so magical

With darkness and a drop of light

That is dying slowly.

A beautiful prelude

For the eternal peace,

So quiet, so full of mystery,

Only you and the silence.

All is like is going to fly away

Disappear because it lasted just a second

You won’t lose a thing

Because it will keep being into you.

Twilight is like a cross

Between two worlds

An alive one with light

And another one where the dark rules.


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